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  • Truck cane standard upperstructure equipment
  • TRUCK Crane STANDARD UPPERSTRUCTURE EQUIPMENT UPPERSTRUCTURE FRAME All welded one-piece structure fabricated with high tensile strength alloy steel. Counterweight is bolted to frame. COUNTERWEIGHT Counterweight is bolted to frame. Counterweight removal

  • Stability of Cranes and Lifting Appliances
  • person. When making this test, caution and care has to be exercised to avoid the over-stressing of crane components. Manufacturers instructions should be strictly followed. Anchoring and ballasting materials must be secured to the Crane Structure in the appropriate and correct position. Where portable ballast is used, a diagram or notice showing its position and weight must be attached to the crane. Each removable weight must be marked with its self-weight. Cranes

  • Tower Crane Superstructure
  • rated output power 200kW, rated speed 1800 rpm., max. out torque 1100N.m, emission in compliance with European Construction Machinery Stage II. Control System Intelligent computer integrated program control system Is the key technology of the Crane. PLC program controller is used, with combination of conventional electrics, to realize the function of logic control and electronic proportional control of the system, greatly improving safety, reliability and efficiency for crane operation.

  • Overhead Crane Inspection
  • Overhead Crane Pre-shift inspections do not have to be lengthy. You are basically looking for obvious things that might be wrong with the crane. Overhead Crane Monthly or yearly inspections, of course, should be the thorough and performed by a competent individual.

  • Raw Materials of manufacture cranes
  • The most important substance used to manufacture Cranes is steel. Steel is an alloy of iron and a small amount of carbon. For structures that do not require very high strength, a common form of steel known as carbon steel is used. By definition, carbon steel contains less than 2% of elements other

  • Jib crane motions
  • crane including the jib, so that it can turn about a central pivot shaft w.r.t. the non-revolving parts. This motion enables the crane to shift the load line to revolve round the crane.Long Travel Motion: It may be required when the whole Crane Structure has to be shifted to a distant place along a rail track or along a road.

  • Gantry crane introduce
  • Gantry Crane is installed in the level of bridge constitute the two legs supporting the shape of a gantry-type crane bridge. This crane orbit on the ground, mainly used in open yard storage, shipyards, power plants, ports and railway stations to carry out cargo

  • Design and Optimisation of Crane Jibs for Forklift Trucks
  • The objective of this paper is to present a new methodology of calculation by means of the F.E.M. applied to Crane jibs. This analysis has been carried out in terms of strength and stiffness, and for any type of crane jib: telescopic crane, lattice crane, closed beam crane, etc. There have been simulated different load cases and boundary conditions that

  • Overhead Crane and Bridge Crane
  • Bridge Cranes or likewise called overhead cranes are actually a kind of industrial material handling crane making use of a line andhook device which runs on a horizontal beam running along two widely separated rails. Numerous overhead cranes could be seeninside

  • Guy Derrick
  • Guy derricks at one time were the only practical means to erect steelwork on high-rise structures, but that work is mostly done now with tower Cranes. Guy derricks may also be used for general rigging, stone quarrying, and construction of refineries and chemical plants. A guy derrick can be described as a Chicago boom with its own integral column, called a mast, held vertical by six or

  • Hydraulic Telescoping Gantries
  • Telescophig gantries are typically used for heavy lifting where mobile Cranes or derricks are not feasible, where classic "jack and slide" procedures are awkward, or where other conditions make use of the gantry the most economical means to perform the work required. These systems first came into regular use for rigging

  • All-Terrain Carriers
  • First appearing in Europe during the late 1970s, the all-terrain Crane now accounts for a majority of mobile-crane sales throughout the world. The carriers used on these telescoping cantilevered-boom machines combine the high road speeds of truck carriers with some of the off-road capabilities of the rough-terrain

  • Mobile Crane Tower Attachments
  • Some older mobile Crane models can be equipped with an optional front-end attachment composed of a fixed vertical tower pinned at the position on the superstructure where a boom is ordinarily mounted. A luffing boom is affixed at the tower top, and ajib is sometimes

  • Crane and Mobile Crane
  • Cranes and airplanes have something in common other than the airspace they share. The early history of aviation belongs to the barnstormers and bush pilots who pushed their rudimentary craft to the limits with hardly a thought for risk. Likewise,

  • Mobile Crane Clearances
  • With each work cycle, a Crane picks up a load, swings it and places it where needed. The path of both load and boom must clear obstructions through the full range of movement. The boom must be long enough to raise the load to the required height without danger of collision

  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes and Double Girder Overhead Cranes
  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes Capacity Range 0.5 tonne to 20 tonnes Span Range 3 meters to 30 meters Description of single girder overhead cranes Single girder dual motor cranes provide greater floor coverage than other type cranes. The close crane

  • CABLE CraneS The taut-linc cableway crane consists of two towers suspended between which a track cable of the locked construction is serving as a bridge structure. A carriage with a handling attachment travels on the track cable with the aid of a haul

  • A New Approach for Controlling Overhead Traveling Crane Using Rough Controller
  • This paper presents the idea of a rough controller with application to control the overhead traveling Crane system. The structure of such a controller is based on a suggested concept of a fuzzy logic controller. A measure of fuzziness in rough sets is introduced. A comparison between fuzzy logic controller and rough controller has been demonstrated. The

  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Material Handling Solutions For Your Unique Applications Since 1977, YJM has been an innovator and leader of lifting loads in a work cell. YJM began as a manufacturer of Gantry Cranes and manually or power operated jib Cranes, including wall bracket, wall cantilever, free standing, and mast type models. In 1986, YJM added a line of Work Station Cranes, which addressed the trend for safe, productive, ergonomic solutions

  • Tower Crane
  • [caption id="attachment_38" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="tower Crane"][/caption] Tower Crane Key Specification ·  Square shaped structure of steel tube ·  Mian color: yellow ·  Function: hoisting ·  Attached devices: generator, reducer, driver cab, cable, counterweight ·  Certificates awarded:

  • Crane Gantry
  • A Crane, which is equipped with a derrick or tower, is used to lower and lift materials with the use of pulleys and cable. Heavy equipment manufacturers and the construction industry use cranes in various activities connected with their process. Cranes

  • Tower Crane For Sale
  • hoisting ·  Attached devices: generator, reducer, driver cab, cable, counterweight ·  Certificates awarded: CQM, CE, TS, ISO9001:2000 ·  A-grade 315TM Certificate for producing, installation, rectification, and maintenance of tower Crane issued by General National Quality Inspection Bureau ·  Safety system: installation of jib, balance arm, and rotary tower are in side-plate pin bracket method ·  Advanced technology of the TOSHIBA Japan inverter has bee adopted for hoisting

  • Jib Cranes
  • Jib Cranes are a style of cranes in case of which a horizontal portion called the boom or the jib supports a moveable hoist and is generally attached firmly to a wall or a pillar fixed to the floor. Commonly termed as crane jibs, these machines are

  • Crane Steel Structures Test Problems
  • used in plant construction. Because of its short construction period, construction process is relatively simple, low cost and other advantages, except for some special occasions, the steel plant is always given priority. And installation of the Cranes in the reinforced concrete test different plant, steel plant cranes within the test several more should pay attention to the problem. 1 vibration, noise sound, easy to loose connection Vibration absorption effect of the difference between steel

  • Crane Control program analysis and comparison
  • In recent years, updating and development of bridge Crane in order to improve crane performance as the main indicator, the speed of which the most prominent crane. The following are several commonly used to speed the program cranes were analyzed and compared. 1. Speed ??rotor resistance (1) cam controller

  • General requirements of the safe operation of crane drivers
  • lifting. Seventh, all parts of cranes, hoists and ancillary equipment and transmission line containing the minimum distance should meet the safety requirements; Eighth, there is the following circumstances, the driver should not operate: (1) Crane Structure or components (such as hook, wire rope, brakes, safety devices, etc.) affect the safety defects and damage; (2) hanging objects may be overloaded or overloaded, lifting the total weight is unclear, embedded or frozen in the ground, squeezed

  • Oregon OSHA’s new crane standard for the construction industry
  • Who’s affected – and when? Oregon OSHA’s new Crane standard for the construction industry – Cranes and derricks in construction – applies to all employers who are engaged in construction work and use cranes or derricks for construction. The standard takes effect Feb. 9, 2011. What equipment

  • Standardization of Jib Crane Design by “F.E.M. Rules” And Parametric Modeling
  • for materials movements in construction sites, production halls, assembly lines, storage areas, power stations and similar places. Their design features vary widely according to their major operational specifications such as: type of motion of the Crane Structure, weight and type of the load, location of the crane, geometric features, operating regimes and environmental conditions. However, an appraisal of the available literature reveals that procedural design of jib cranes are highly saturated

  • Wall Traveling Jib Cranes
  • Primarily used for long lateral movement under an overhead Crane, the YJMT Wall Traveling Jib Cranes provide lift under a large overhead crane without interfering with the overhead crane.  This enables workers to continue lifting material without waiting for a larger overhead crane to become available. YJMT

  • Bottom-Slewing Tower Cranes Structure and Configuration
  • The main parts of a typical bottom-slowing tower Crane include: Undercarriage. Unlike top-slowing cranes, which are often configured without an undercarriage, bottom-slowing cranes would always have an undercarriage to connect between the ground or any other supporting surface and the slewing crane.

  • Rule about marking rated capacity of crane
  • (1) The rated capacity of a Crane shall be legibly marked on each side of the crane. Markings shall be legible from the ground or floor. Each load block of the hoisting units of the crane shall be legibly marked with its individual rated capacity. (2) Each crane designed and

  • YJCrane Gantry Crane
  • The gantry Cranes that lift your productivity. YJCrane is a company that has always cared about engineering and manufacturing practical, robust, and durable lifting solutions. For more than 20 years, we have been innovating our equipment with thoughtful, customer

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