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  • Wall/Column Cantilever Mount "I" Beam Jib Crane
  • They are also available in motorized or manual rotation. Used instead of a wall bracket jib crane when headroom is at a premium.Provide hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns, and as supplements to an Overhead Crane or monorail system.Capacities from 1/4 ton to 5 tons, with spans up to 20 ft.Utilize I-beam boom assemblies for heavier capacities and longer spans.

  • Overhead Travelling Cranes
  • Many fatal or very serious accidents have been associated with the movement of Overhead travelling cranes. These accidents have occurred mainly to maintenance workers employed on, or near, the wheel tracks of this type of installation.Where persons are employed within the vicinity of the wheel track of the crane and there is a risk

  • Overhead Crane Inspection
  • Overhead Crane Pre-shift inspections do not have to be lengthy. You are basically looking for obvious things that might be wrong with the crane. Overhead Crane Monthly or yearly inspections, of course, should be the thorough and performed by a competent

  • Cranes, lifting appliances and fork lift trucks
  • as a whole, or by movement of the structural member or jib". In order to constitute a crane so that the Regulations will apply, the machine must have a jib or other structural member above ground level (for example the horizontal part of an Overhead travelling crane), beneath which loads can be controllably raised or lowered and also moved horizontally by movement of the jib or structural member. In addition, the load must also be suspended from a hook or other similar securing device

  • Cranes,overhead traveling crane,Construction cranes,Tower cranes,Mobile cranes,Articulating cranes
  • the crane to reach a large, rectangular area. A bridge crane may also be designed so that one end of the bridge is supported by a central pivot while the other end moves on a circular rail, allowing a large, round area to be reached. An Overhead traveling crane is a kind of bridge crane in which the rails are located high above the ground. Usually supported from the ceiling of a building, an overhead traveling crane has the advantage of causing no obstruction in the work area. Cranes

  • Overhead Crane and Bridge Crane
  • Bridge cranes or likewise called Overhead Cranes are actually a kind of industrial material handling crane making use of a line andhook device which runs on a horizontal beam running along two widely separated rails. Numerous overhead cranes could be seeninside a long factory structure

  • Jacking Towers
  • up to a lift beam. The lift beam is fitted to receive the lifting tendons which are typically a bundle of 18-mm- diameter high-strength wire-rope strands selected to satisfy load weight. The lifting tendons go up to strand jacks mounted on the Overhead cross beam (really a pair of beams or trusses). The center-hole strand jacks pull up the tendons stroke by stroke, gripping them forjack retraction and repeating the cycle as needed. At the start, as the jacks begin to extend, the upper

  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes and Double Girder Overhead Cranes
  • Single Girder Overhead Cranes Capacity Range 0.5 tonne to 20 tonnes Span Range 3 meters to 30 meters Description of single girder overhead cranes Single girder dual motor cranes provide greater floor coverage than other type cranes. The close

  • Crane Classification
  • CMAA Crane Classification As to the types of cranes covered under CMAA Specification No. 70 (Top Running Bridge and Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes), there are six (6) different classifications of cranes, each dependent on duty cycle. Within the CMAA Specification is a numerical method for determining exact crane class based on the expected load spectrum. Aside from this

  • A New Approach for Controlling Overhead Traveling Crane Using Rough Controller
  • This paper presents the idea of a rough controller with application to control the Overhead traveling crane system. The structure of such a controller is based on a suggested concept of a fuzzy logic controller. A measure of fuzziness in rough sets is introduced. A comparison between fuzzy logic controller and rough controller has been

  • Material Handling Solutions
  • and manually or power operated jib Cranes, including wall bracket, wall cantilever, free standing, and mast type models. In 1986, YJM added a line of Work Station Cranes, which addressed the trend for safe, productive, ergonomic solutions for Overhead material handling operations. YJM ergonomic Work Station Cranes can span up to 30 feet and lift capacities between 150 and 4000 lbs. Today, with the various configura- tions of Gantry, Jib and Work Station Cranes, YJM has the solutions to

  • Introduction of overhead crane operator
  • Enhanced public image of crane operators All candidates are required to pass both Written and Practical Examination(s) to be certified. As detailed in this handbook, candidates may take the Practical Examination on either of the following Overhead Crane types: Cab-operated Pendant/remote control All overhead (bridge) and gantry cranes that meet the requirements of the ASME B30.2, B30.11, B30.16, and/or B30.17 standards and have powered functions for hoist, bridge, and trolley

  • Double Girder Gantry Crane
  • [caption id="attachment_69" align="aligncenter" width="544" caption="Double Girder Gantry Crane"][/caption] Gantry crane is similar to an Overhead Crane except that the bridge for carrying the trolley or trolleys is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on fixed rails or other runway. The EOT gantry crane functions similarly to an overhead bridge crane, but has rails installed

  • Single Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes
  • We manufacture single Overhead traveling cranes using quality raw materials such as MS PLATES, MS SECTIONS, EN8, EN9, EN19, and EN24. Our range is safe to operate as it strictly complies to the IS standards. [caption id="attachment_180" align="alignright" width="241"

  • Crane Gantry
  • terrain cranes, which are mounted on four rubber tires, are capable of pick and carry operations in rough terrain. Crawler cranes are mounted on a set of tracks with an undercarriage and have better stability and mobility. A suspended crane or Overhead Crane is used mostly inside factories and they are capable of carrying very heavy loads. In automated and computer controlled warehouses, a stacker crane with a forklift is used. During bridge or port construction, floating cranes are used.

  • Double Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes
  • Fabricated as per the latest industry standards, our range of double girder Overhead traveling cranes is available in both single and dual speed for hoisting, cross travel and long travel. Safe to operate, it possesses all the modern operational controls. Some of the features of our Double Girder Overhead Traveling Cranes

  • Wall Bracket Jib Crane
  • Wall Mounted Jib Cranes economically provide hoist coverage for individual use in bays, along walls or columns, or as supplements to an Overhead Crane or monorail system. Wall Bracket Jib Cranes are the Most Economical Style of Jib Crane Capacities from 1/4 ton to 5 tons, with spans up to 30 ft. 180 - 200 degree rotation available. Require a structurally adequate wall

  • Stainless Steel Jib Cranes
  • of  Stainless Steel Jib Cranes Reduce contamination in processing environments Safely handle oversized loads in sanitary environments Reduce crane corrosion over surface finishing and metal treatment tanks Clean Overhead lifting equipment with the same compounds used on other wash-down processing equipment Service mixers, pumps and motors on-site with integrated jib cranes without other non-sanitary equipment

  • Metallurgical cranes on the technical requirements for special work
  • AQSIQ "quality to do special ?2007? 375" document, published in the use of non-metallurgical crane for lifting the molten metal in the remediation requirements, as follows, for everybody to learn, discuss and exchange. (A) has been used for general Overhead Crane lifting molten metal, shall be replaced in order to comply B/T7688.15-1999 "Metallurgical ladle crane technical conditions" requirement of the casting crane. If the plant, based on such factors as the conditions do not have the replacement

  • Customer Order cranes should know a few basic parameters
  • 1, electric single-girder crane 2, electric single-girder Overhead Crane 3, the electric double girder crane 4, the technical parameters Type: Starting weight: () kg; Lifting Height: () m; Span: () m Cart travel distance: () m; specifications: (); Number: () Taiwan Supporting electric hoist Model: Lifting

  • Bridge and gantry cranes
  • A bridge crane (or Overhead travelling crane) is defined as a crane comprising a bridge beam or beams mounted to end carriages at each end, capable of travelling along elevated runways and having one or more hoisting mechanisms arranged across the bridge. A gantry

  • Mast Style Jib Crane
  • are efficient because they do not require a foundation and the large base plate, but do require mounting at the top and bottom.  Available in both a full and drop cantilever, with the drop cantilever providing additional clearance for any Overhead obstructions. YJMT Mast Style Jib Cranes are available in two series: 200 Series Mast Style Jib Cranes - Full Cantilever Lower cost alternative to foundation mounted free standing jibs No mounting foundation required Allows

  • YJMT Jib Cranes
  • utilization. A Jib Crane can be mounted to your facility floor, foundation, column, pillar or wall to accommodate any space constraints or work plans. Expand the Jib Crane’s utility further by using it as an auxiliary lifting device under an Overhead Crane or by attaching a hoist or drive. With a YJMT Jib Crane, you can: Economically move materials within an individual workstation or between work areas with a portable jib crane Provide supplemental lifting coverage with a full 360°

  • Wall Mounted Jib Cranes
  • crane"][/caption] Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are an economical and efficient way to move material when floor space is not available and digging a foundation for the crane is not feasible.  Tie rod jib cranes are affordable when there are no Overhead obstructions.  If overhead obstructions are a problem, more clearance will be achieved with a wall cantilever jib. YJMT Wall Mounted Jib Cranes are available in two series: 300 Series Wall Mounted Jib Cranes – Cantilever 200°

  • Rotary and Rectilinear Cranes
  • and of hoisting and lowering the load. Rectilinear Cranes 9. Bridge cranes. - Having a fixed bridge spanning an opening, and a trolley moving across the bridge. 10. Tram cranes. -Consisting of a truck, or short bridge, traveling viinni1v nn Overhead rails. and without trolley motion. 11. Traveling cranes. - Consistsing of bridge moving longitudinally on overhead tracks, and a trolly moving transversely on the bridge. 12. Gantries. - Consisting of an overhead bridge, carried at each

  • Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT Crane) Parts
  • A Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT crane) consists of two distinct parts 1. Bridge 2. Crab Bridge: The Bridge consists of two main girders fixed at their ends and connected to another structural components called the end carriages. In the

  • YJMT Gantry Cranes
  • of our cranes. YJMT are manufacturers of various gantry and other cranes, from small to goliath size, all at a reasonable price. Additional Variations of Gantry Cranes include: Container gantry crane Overhead gantry crane A frame gantry crane Rubber tire gantry crane Rolling gantry crane Semi gantry crane Rail mounted gantry crane

  • Wall Traveling Jib Cranes
  • Primarily used for long lateral movement under an Overhead Crane, the YJMT Wall Traveling Jib Cranes provide lift under a large overhead crane without interfering with the overhead crane.  This enables workers to continue lifting material without waiting for a larger overhead crane to become available. YJMT

  • Single-girder overhead travelling cranes with the new Demag DR rope hoist
  • Your benefits with the new Demag DR rope hoist optimised for Crane applications Increased effidency with extended 2m*service life (1900-hour full load service life) Improved load handling with higher hoist and cross-travel speeds Low-sway load motions thanks to infinitely variable cross travel speeds Proportional

  • Rule about marking rated capacity of crane
  • with its individual rated capacity. (2) Each crane designed and manufactured after January 1, 1971 shall have a service class rating as prescribed in “CMAA #70--Specifications for Top Running Bridge and Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes,” 1970 edition, as shown in Appendix B. Additionally the service class rating shall be legibly marked on each crane. (3) Clearance from obstructions shall be a minimum of 3 inches overhead and 2 inches laterally between

  • YJCrane Gantry Crane
  • better than we ever could and because of that, we allow them to guide the innovations we engineer into our lifting solutions. Having a partner like YJCrane involved in your business is like having an engineering staff at your disposal without the Overhead associated with it. From straight forward lifting solutions to the most complex and highly differentiated requirements, you can count on us to help you solve them. We challenge you to challenge us with your most difficult material handling issues.

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